Bilal from Germany

This is Bilal from Germany. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon. He is my brother. He is the type of person that you will automatically give a hug when you had the pleasure to talk to him for a couple of minutes. He has this pure spirit that people fall in love with. No one forgets him after meeting him. I adore my brother. I feel the deepest appreciation and gratitude when I think about him. His heart is so pure, he helps people more than is good for him. One phone call and he is there. He loves purely and deeply. He smiles at you, he always has something witty or nice to say to you. And the "you" is not his sister, or his mother, or his friend. The "you" is the waiter that gave him a hateful look when he walked into the restaurant. One of his favorite things to do, testing out restaurants, treating others to a wonderful dinner he discovered somewhere, or a coffee and a tasty desert. He loves life. He loves to travel. Brazil, China, Cuba... there's no place in this world that he doesn't discover. He takes wonderful photos while traveling and shares them with his friends and family. Little does the man that attacked him on one of his travels and called him "a fucking terrorist" know about my brother. Billy was one of the first people to sign up for "Foreign Postcards" because he believes that whatever his little sister does is meaningful. He shows support in a way that is painfully beautiful to me. Once he received his Foreign Postcard he went to get a professional photo taken. Today I opened my eyes to my brother's photo on my phone. There he is, looking like a teddy bear, holding up his postcard with his name in Arabic on it. Although knowing the reaction it would create, he made it his Facebook profile picture and posted it in a separate post to support my project. Minutes later the comments started rolling in. I'm not going to repeat them, because you already know. And so do I. And so does he. And this is why I'm doing this project.