The Idea Behind Foreign Postcards

Part I

The Arabic language, and especially the written form has become something that is being associated with terror, fear, and oppression in the Modern Western World. It saddens me deeply, because it’s such a beautiful written and spoken language. 

Part II

When was the last time you received a postcard in the mail? Is there anything purer and sweeter than a little postcard that someone sends you because they were thinking of you? In our digitally driven world hardly anyone sends mail the traditional way anymore. I'd love to change that and send you a free postcard with your first name in Arabic.

Let’s put Part I and Part II together!

How Foreign Postcards works:

1. You fill out the contact form. – Foreign Postcards is NOT limited to the US. I will send postcards worldwide.

Name *
Address *

2. In a couple of days you will receive a handmade postcard from me with your name in Arabic on it that will look similar to this one:


(You don’t have to pay anything, it’s a present from me to you.)

3. Take a picture and email it to me! (Instructions will be on the back of the postcard.) PLEASE feel free to get really creative. Show the world your favorite place outdoors, if you are a pilot, take us on a plane (somebody really did that), include your pets, children, friends in the photos. Whatever makes your heart beat faster, show us! 

4. I will add your picture to the Foreign Postcard collection that I'm receiving from participants from all over the world and post it on my social media channels. I encourage you to send a note with your image that you would like the world to see. I'd be happy to include it when I post your picture.

5. My project lives through donations. Every little donation is highly appreciated: